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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Shadow Factory is the leading VR/AR production company in immersive content development and digital strategy. As a fullservice creative and tech studio, we are specialists at implementing next-generation XR services with enterprise clients across the world.

We produce state-of-the-art, story-driven experiences and offer new and exciting ways to engage audiences. An outstanding team equipped with extensive skill sets and the latest digital toolkits, we are at the forefront of all your content needs.

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  • Branding

    Behind any successful brand is a unique and compelling story that resonates with a growing audience.

    Craft and share your core message and values across all channels and touchpoints.

  • Video

    If a picture paints a thousand words, consider how much information there is at 24 frames per second.

    For any film production need, demand only the best in class equipment, experience, and expertise from concept to final cut.

  • VFX

    The depth of which computer-generated imagery bewitches the eyes – and the mind – has greatly evolved.

    Take advantage of the latest in digital effects toolkits at the helm of skilled, seasoned creatives.

  • Web

    Online and social media presence are significant elements of individual and corporate identity where key encounters with relevant parties are made.

    Build and design fully-functional, integrated, and optimized sites to suit any business or cause.

  • Apps

    More robust devices and platforms power more efficient, ingenious ways of interacting with the world.

    Develop and refine the look and infrastructure of your big idea into the next global standard.

  • VR / AR

    In allowing audiences to perceive and interact with digital objects and environments, immersive technology is a promising new medium with growing applicability.

    Find out what extended reality can do for your business today.