Using VR At An Event To Stand Out

On Monday, the 21st of May, Shadow Factory hosted a virtual and augmented reality demo for the HKUST MBA Alumni association.

Taking place at the Naked Hub on Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, the intimate gathering had approximately 30 people trying out a selection of the latest VR/AR experiences that the team has produced.

What would ordinarily be a standard networking event became a fun and engaging occasion for the attendees, who would then go on to brainstorm how immersive platforms can be incorporated into their respective businesses.

Having set up experience booths at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, retail outlets, and the occasional music festival, we are no stranger to how VR and AR draw in crowds and captivates audiences.

Apart from the inherent cool factor, there are few other things that elicit fascination and undivided attention. VR/AR situates people in sealed environments ruled by story: images, messages, interactions.

The value this presents brands is immense. It means rich, larger than life visuals for product showcases, and riveting activities for your clients and their customers. The possibilities are endless.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how virtual and augmented reality can help your business. Let us build your world today.

Amit Chatterjee