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Lucid Worlds: A Next-Gen Social Platform Pioneering a New-Wave of Technology

Web-based SaaS platform empowers brands and consumers to transform their online presence through immersive experiences.

Hong Kong, November 15, 2023 – Launching today, Lucid Worlds is redefining how brands and consumers connect and interact in the virtual world. With a clear and simple vision, the platform enables users to express their creativity, monetize their content, and forge deeper connections within a versatile and accessible ecosystem.

In the wake of a digital revolution triggered by COVID-19, Lucid Worlds emerges at the forefront of the immersive experience market, projected to reach US$1.4 trillion by 2035 in Asia alone[1]. Lucid Worlds consolidates all online activity and aims to streamline the digital experience for shopping, events, and community building.

The e-commerce industry is experiencing remarkable growth, with projections indicating a staggering rise from US$5.8 trillion in 2023 to US$8 trillion in 2027 globally[2]. As a next-gen social platform, Lucid Worlds positions itself as a catalyst for digital transformation.

"We’re committed to pushing boundaries. In a few simple steps, your e-commerce store, such as Shopify, can be transformed into an immersive virtual experience, turning everyday scrolling into purposeful exploration. But Lucid Worlds isn't just about shopping. It's a platform for connection — a place to host events, nurture communities, and foster engagement in innovative ways. And thanks to our comprehensive analytics, users can fine-tune their experiences to maximize customer engagement, retention, and conversion rates. In short, we're not only developing a new social platform; we're helping build a vision of the future.” – Saurav Chatterjee, Group Chairman.

Further enhancing its user-friendly design, Lucid Worlds requires no downloads, gaming consoles, or specialized hardware. This ensures that the platform is accessible to a global audience and delivers a seamless, device-agnostic experience. Consumers from around the world can enjoy and create immersive shopping, events, and community experiences without the need for any additional equipment or software.

Starting at US$29.95 per month, Lucid Worlds caters to a diverse user base. Its user-friendly templates offer an easy entry point for exploration, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the technology before transitioning to bespoke functionality, developed by the Lucid Worlds team. Powered by proprietary technology that blends gaming engines and server stacks, Lucid Worlds guarantees a fast and flawless user experience.

Born in Hong Kong, the platform epitomizes innovation and a resolute commitment to pushing the boundaries of the virtual world. Lucid Worlds has already forged partnerships with regional and global brands such as Clockenflap, Watches off 5th, and Indie Lee, demonstrating their commitment to delivering transformative and immersive experiences all over the world.

About Lucid Worlds

Lucid Worlds is the next-gen social platform developed by Shadow Factory. It empowers brands and users to create and consume immersive experiences. Visit Lucid Worlds - Home to learn more, or follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram to stay updated on the latest developments.

About Shadow Factory

Shadow Factory is the leading next-generation creative studio delivering indescribable content. As a full-service digital creative agency and gaming studio, we can make virtually anything for brands, from simple AR filters to Metaverse experiences and full Web3 solutions. Shadow Factory is also the creator of the next-gen social platform Lucid Worlds. With the right people, passion, and technology, we make crazy possible.

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[2] eMarketer Lookbook: Global Commerce Trends for the 2023 Holiday Season. 2023. Insider Intelligence.