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Shadow Factory is a B2B virtual, augmented, and mixed reality production services company headquartered in Hong Kong. 

Formerly Barron Asia VR, we produce quality, story-driven, fully immersive and interactive experiences. We are a one-stop shop for all of your VR needs.



In the 1930's, the British government engaged the expertise of its automotive industry in order to rapidly advance its technical and production capabilities. The numerous facilities that took part in these efforts became known as Shadow Factories.

Similarly, we collaborate with agencies and enterprises, advancing their ability to deliver meaningful VR experiences to their customers.




Setting Barron Asia VR apart from many other agencies and production houses is a comprehensive background in digital enterprise solutions and applications.

The team’s previous efforts include helping organizations construct optimal strategies and adopt agile methodologies, encompassing product development, content and media production, systems and IT infrastructure, content management systems (CMS), and full-stack web development, as well as building MVPs and native apps.

With this vast reserve of collective experience, we are poised to explore the growing possibilities of VR, AR, and MR not only within the scope of entertainment and immersive media, but also against the landscape of productivity.



  • CG Interactive Content

    • V/A/MR Console Games

    • V/A/MR Mobile Games

    • V/A/MR Software Solutions

  • Immersive Live-Action Cinematics

    • 360 Videos TV & Film

    • 360 Videos Social Media

  • Devices

    • Oculus

    • Samsung Gear VR

    • Google Cardboard

    • HTC Vive

    • Sony PSVR

    • Vuzix iWear

    • Microsoft HoloLens

  • Platforms

    • XBOX

    • Playstation

    • Netflix

    • Broadband TV

    • Solutions

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