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Shadow Factory Shoots a Hole-In-One at WAGS Golf for Good

Golf can be rough. That's why Shadow Factory partnered with Wednesday Afternoon Golf Society (WAGS) to help all golfers hitting the links for the annual “Golf for Good” competition at Kau Sai Chau Golf Course have a tee-riffic time.
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Shadow Factory partners with Women of Hong Kong

Shadow Factory partnered with Women of Hong Kong (WOHK) to help engage attendees at their first-anniversary event in the city. Building a beautiful, bespoke Augmented Reality social filter, we inspired guests to share their experiences on social media and help spread the word about the groundbreaking event.
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Shadow Factory unveils new group structure, brand identity, and focus on making crazy possible.

Leading next-generation production company Shadow Factory celebrates its 6th anniversary by tackling web3 and the metaverse, revealing a fresh new visual identity and updated positioning, reflecting the company’s recent transformation to a group structure.
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Shadow Factory partners with FWD on OMNE app

Shadow Factory partnered with FWD to help deliver their “goal-based” new insurance app, omne, to all 10 markets in Asia. Omne seeks to redefine how people experience insurance with tools that foster micro-habits and daily goal achievement. And to help users achieve daily goals, Shadow Factory created three distinct mini-games that would be recommended to users based on their distinct preferences, interests, and desires.