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Shadow Factory Partners with the Million Metre Men on Hairy Good AR Filter

One man dies by suicide every minute of every day, which means by the time you finish this article, another man would have passed away unnecessarily. And that’s why the Million Metre Men didn’t pass up the opportunity to help raise awareness for Movember, a charity uniquely placed to address this crisis on a global scale. It’s also why Shadow Factory jumped at the chance to help grow awareness during November with a unique social filter.

Ben Cullen and George Fleming are on a mission to keep men alive longer. And so, over the month of November 2022, they set themselves the enormous challenge of rowing 1,000,000 meters for Movember charity. Supporting their efforts, Shadow Factory created a special Augmented Reality filter for Instagram with 5 different AR phases. The filter evolved to showcase their progress as they rowed across 20 iconic locations in Hong Kong.

"The idea behind the campaign was to create a massive presence both in person and online. We had some ideas on how we could do that, but Shadow Factory approached us with the Million Metre Men filter and we were blown away. The filter represented everything we were trying to achieve from a men's health awareness point of view. And the fact that the filter changed at each milestone kept it super fresh!" Ben Cullen, Million Metre Men

With over 16,000 impressions, the Augmented Reality activation helped drive engagement and spread awareness of the challenge. What’s more, as Million Metre Men’s official Technology Partner, Shadow Factory also activated fans that visited the men at select on-ground locations, providing them with Virtual Reality experiences.

"The Shadow Factory team took our campaign to the next level! Seeing the vision, technology, and filter being built and then shared with the public was awesome! We can't thank the team enough for their support and the countless engagements we had thanks to the filter and VR experience." George Fleming, Million Metre Men

The Crazy Possible team at Shadow Factory created the five Augmented Reality filters, from concept to final product. Each filter contained a unique mustache that was brought to life on SparkAR using simulated physics.

"It’s been a real pleasure to work with Ben and George. As soon as I heard what they were doing, I knew we had to help. AR seemed like the perfect way to engage the crowd and ensure the word was being spread" Tatum Stiles, Marketing Specialist

Check out the final filter showcasing their success, and let’s all continue to show support for the Million Metre Men by sharing a hairy good photo. You can also join the mo-vement by donating to their Movember page here.