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Shadow Factory Makes a Splash with Harbour Race AR Filter

Shadow Factory partnered with New World to create an Augmented Reality activation for Harbour Race. Since 1906, the race has been highly recognized throughout the city, attracting thousands of participants and spectators. With the pandemic, Shadow Factory were challenged to help create buzz using social media effects and sharable digital experiences. Diving in headfirst, we created several bespoke AR filters and animated Instagram stickers to help the client boost engagement and raise awareness.

The Crazy Possible team at Shadow Factory was responsible for the composition, design, and animation of the avatars for the custom social AR filter. Together, the two AR effects generated a fun and engaging activation that helped spread awareness and boost engagement for the client event. The social AR experience showcased Harbour Race's ambassadors, double silver Olympic medalist Siobhan Haughey and ex-Hong Kong swimmer Kevin Chu.

"It was a fantastic opportunity and experience to create a filter for the largest sports event in Hong Kong so far this year! It was super empowering to be a part of such a big movement and hobby for many people." Kyara Harilela, Digital Producer

Additionally, we helped the Harbour Race team animate 12 Instagram stickers. These stickers featured avatars, motivational messages, client logos, and messaging, "Empower Happy Waves For All".


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